Amazing Facts On Spiritual Ascension

17 Nov

Many people have heard or might not know what spiritual ascension is. The ascension process is the acceleration of vibrational energy and awareness expansion. Eventually, it leads to drastic change of our mental state. It is a scenario where vibrating energy moves to a higher and stronger energy. This is what is referred to as spiritual ascension. This process is totally different in different people and has varying results. The symptoms for spiritual ascension vary from one individual to the next depending on the level of awareness, spiritual practice, personal vibration and an individual's purpose on earth.

The spiritual ascension at then gives birth to spiritual awakening which is basically the realization about the connection with an entity above and beyond the physical and immediate world. This connection is basically with God who many regard as superior and above while others believe it's a connection with another spirit. Spiritual ascension and awareness brings in the freedom of thought, movement and feelings.

Symptoms and signs of spiritual ascension and awakening are different from one individual to another. Quite a number of people have experienced different results like stomach digestive issues while others have different feelings they feel that they cannot explain. A good number of individuals have experienced all of these changes at once or at different times stages as well having different changes in body temperatures. It is recommended to visit your physician accordingly upon weighing the symptoms and following your own inner guidance as the various symptoms you are experiencing.

Spiritual ascension can be brought by different sources of energy. There is a variety of energy sources which include the most common ones like solar energy, astronomical events like eclipses and solistices. Some of the symptoms that people experience may also be caused by the energy centers of each person when opening, activating and expanding with higher frequencies of energy. Learn  more at

Upon going through spiritual awakening via spiritual ascension then comes the manifestation of miracles. The realization of the life of their dreams happen to most people at this point. The manifestaiotn of miracles is different from one person to another as each person's dreams are different from another but the spiritual ascension at and subsequent awakening leaves nobody the same way. You shall however need to keep yourself in high manifestation mode while paying attention not to erode your thoughts with negativity.

Realize that money is a form of energy and it shouldn't be a worry during the manifestation of miracles. Manifestation miracles will bring about the right people, things and experiences. Write what you desire during your spiritual ascension, the subsequent awakening, feel the desire and await your miracle.

These are the facts on spiritual ascension and the subsequent spiritual awakening and manifestation of miracles.

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