Benefits of Spiritual Ascension

17 Nov

Many people have the desire to grow. Growth can be defined in different ways by different people. There are those that view growth as being financially successful while others will disagree with your way this kind of view. What is important to note is that you yourself are the means to any kind of growth. You have to take care of yourself and lead yourself into the path of growth. The best way of achieving true growth is by embracing your spirituality. You need to take care of your spiritual aspect. Do this but aim at going to the most top level of spiritual ascension.

Sri and Kira describe ascension as the acceleration of vibrational energy and expansion of awareness that creates a shift in consciousness. The Stages spiritual awakening, you will be able to avoid society's  description of success. Society has made things like TV shows and magazines to become the avenues of controlling us imposing on us the standards we should use to gauge our success in life and therefore spiritual awakening helps you to break the chains from such media. All aspects of your life is affected by the awakening. Your diet, dressing style and places of hanging out will soon afterwards have to change. Even some of your friends may have to be left behind.

After a while with the right kind of guidance you will start experiencing some strange symptoms. You should not get worried since will be the symptoms of ascension. Firstly you will start having a pretty strong feeling that something in you is certainly different. Explaining it may be difficult but you will definitely feel like you have become a new person.

Your old bad and negative habits will become more apparent to you and you will be trying to avoid them. Spiritual ascension makes you have some of the worst feeling in the world. This is because of the sadness that you get to experience when you get to realize just how much suffering and pain the world is going through. You will then get a strong urge to use your strength and resources at your disposal to try and make the world a better place. To know more about spiritual ascension, you may also check

There are several symptoms and levels that you will go through before attaining spiritual ascension. If you seek for guidance from people that have experience in the process you will be able to learn more about it which will help to make your journey much more easier. One of the best places to learn on how to start and cope with the process is the e books that Sri and Kira have written. Know about Manifestation miracles here!

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